Instruction in Skills Required for High School Diplomas

Students working towards a high school diploma are given instruction in Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Spanish. These sessions help prepare a student for the examinations that are graduation requirements of their home state.

During the remainder of the school day students work on academic assignments, either individually with their teacher or in small groups.

Traditional and Behavioral Counseling

Counseling is provided by clinicians with doctoral or masters level training in behavioral psychology. These clinicians are either licensed psychologists or Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Traditional counseling procedures often fail to successfully treat the students we serve, and in some cases may even strengthen the inappropriate behaviors they are designed to treat. Behavioral counseling avoids these problems and is coordinated with the student’s ongoing behavioral treatment. However, traditional counseling is provided when it is listed in the student’s IEP or when it is deemed necessary.

Behavioral self-management training

Self-management training is provided to those students who are capable of benefiting from it. Students choose the behaviors they want to work on changing, record their own data, and share the data in group meetings with other students who are also working to change their own behaviors.

Training in the use of behavioral psychology is given to help students to understand their own behaviors and those of others, using the principles and understandings of behavioral psychology.

Opportunities for advanced education

Our students can take vocational and college courses at Blue Hills Vocational High School and Massasoit Community College, both located near JRC in Canton.

Various online courses are also an option, including such titles as Introduction to Science Fiction, Children’s Literature, Web Design, and more.

Job opportunities

JRC students are able to receive training and paid part-time jobs working in our kitchen, our food services group, at our receptionist area, and as assistants doing copying and filing in various departments.

Students have also obtained competitive jobs working at Friendly’s, Wal-Mart, Chili’s, Bertucci’s, Price-Rite, and a local day care center.

Student website

Students have access to their own discussion board, chat rooms, weekly menus, and other features. Students can use their website to make suggestions online, anonymously or otherwise, for new items for the contract store or for the school menus. They also share their thoughts and ideas with each other on their discussion board.