JRC employes approximately 1000 employees to work in a variety of positions, all to ensure that our clients are receiving the highest quality of care.

All JRC direct care staff members are full or part time employees of JRC and are trained by JRC’s training department. There are many levels of supervision, including specially trained quality control supervisors and live digital video recording monitors to ensure optimal performance.

All staff receive formal assessments on a quarterly basis. Direct care staff are assessed every shift by their supervisor and receive on the spot instruction.



Our Executive Director

Glenda P. Crookes

Skills and Qualifications

Pre-service Training

The Judge Rotenberg Center requires all new employees who will have direct contact with the students to participate in an intensive three week pre-service training program. The pre-service training is mandatory and all new employees must successfully complete it prior to working with the students. The pre-service training program addresses the philosophy and organization of the Judge Rotenberg Center and its policies, procedures, and services provided.

Ongoing Training

Throughout their employment JRC also requires all staff to participate in ongoing training programs. All direct care staff working with students receive a minimum of 30 hours of in-service training per year. Additional training is available to any employee who would like to request a refresher or review a specific topic. Trainers are readily available to field questions or concerns. The format of the training differs depending on the subject matter being presented. Trainees watch videos, attend lectures, read assigned material, and demonstrate skills either in the classrooms, residences, or at the training center with a staff trainer. Selected Staff will receive advanced training such as administration of medication to students, supervisor training, and student-specific treatment programs.

Training of Monitors and Supervisors

All JRC staff members involved in the development, application, monitoring, data collection and review of behavioral intervention plans must be certified by JRC to do so. In addition to partaking in orientation, in order to be considered certified to implement treatment plans all JRC employees must successfully complete training on: Safety Care; Restraint Regulations; Privacy Rights of Students; Procedures on Behavior Management, and Incident Reporting. All JRC staff members must successfully renew the certification each year.

Administrative Staff Training

Administrative staff members and teaching staff attend outside workshops and conferences. JRC’s staff trainers attend workshops several times a year in the areas of abuse reporting, restraint, and FA/CPR. Trainers need to be certified in the various subject areas and these credentials are updated on a regular basis. Staff may also participate in off-site conferences and workshops, as appropriate.

Staff Mentoring

In an effort to assist newly hired staff with the high expectations JRC has for its employees, we have developed a mentoring program. Experienced staff members are assigned to mentor newly hired employees. Mentors are introduced to their mentees during the pre-service training and are responsible for guiding the new employee through the difficulties associated with the trainee’s job position. If the new employee has any questions, veteran employees can share the benefit of their experience with him/her by offering advice.

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Board of Directors

Henry Slucki, Ph.D.Chairman of the Board

  • Psychologist, Senior Research Associate at University of Southern California, School of Medicine, Department of Human Behavior
  • Co-producer and Co-Host of weekly talk radio program on disabilities

Thomas Brady

  • Senior Vice President, Senior Credit Officer - Commercial Banking, Rockland Trust Company
  • Over 30 years experience in business analysis, relationship management, business development and various leadership roles

Richard Malott, Ph.D.

  • Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Western Michigan University
  • Former president of the Association for Behavior Analysis International
  • Consultant, Guest Lecturer, and Editor
  • Published numerous professional papers and books

Direct Care and Supervisory positions!