Beautifully decorated school building

JRC decorates its school building attractively with colorful prints, sculptures, and other decorations so that attending school will be a pleasant, desirable experience for its students.

“Yellow Brick Road” Rewards Street

In our 250 Turnpike Street building, there is a broad indoor street running the length of the building, paved like a yellow brick road.

The road has a Wizard of Oz theme, complete with moving and talking mannequins of Dorothy, Tin Man, Wicked Witch, and others. This street has the major reward areas that motivate good student performance, including the Big Reward Store (an amusement lounge for our students with intellectual disabilities); a Contract Store (a retail store); a Gym and fitness room; a Teen Lounge with Internet Café; a Movie Theatre; a Snack Bar; and a Hair Salon.

Full kitchen and dining room

JRC has three skilled chefs who prepare healthy meals for our students in our fully-equipped kitchen. The students enjoy them in a large attractively furnished dining area.

Exercise and recreational facilities

JRC’s campus at 240/250 Turnpike Street in Canton includes: indoor and outdoor basketball courts; cardiovascular exercise equipment; 8 acres of woods with 1.5 miles of walking trails; swing sets; jungle gym; and two shaded picnic areas.

JRC's wellness program

Highly nutritious menus, nutrition education, and daily exercise are part of every student’s program. The menu has been designed with nationally-known nutritionists and physicians. It emphasizes fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains, and tends to lower cholesterol levels and help prevent cancer. The menu also helps those students who are overweight to lose weight and helps improve those who have pre-diabetic or diabetic conditions. Three talented chefs prepare the food. There are staff and student tasting committees which constantly provide feedback to the chefs and suggest new menu items. Our wellness committee assesses and reviews programs and policies to improve the health of students/clients.

Physician and dentist on site

JRC has 12 full time nurses, along with a medical doctor who works on site two days per week, and a dentist who visits the school on a regular monthly basis. This saves valuable educational time for the students. As a result of JRC’s ability to reduce problem behaviors, many students have been able to obtain medical services for the first time in years.