Judge Rotenberg Educational Center

JRC‘s school buildings and administrative
offices are located at 240 and 250 Turnpike Street, Canton, MA.

JRC operates approximately 50 residences, located in the nearby towns of Attleboro, Bridgewater, Canton, Dedham, Easton, Holbrook, Mansfield, Norton, Randolph, Raynham, Rehoboth, South Easton, Stoughton, Taunton.

JRC is approved by the Massachusetts
Department of Elementary and
Secondary Education.

2021 Mid-Cycle Review Report


JRC students live in normal homes or apartments, rather than in dormitories.

The residences are located in various communities within driving distance of JRC’s main campus in Canton, MA.

JRC is open and in session 365 days per year!

JRC operates 365 days per year. Parents and Guardians are not required to take their son or daughter home on holidays; 

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