Parent/Agency website offers complete transparency in education and treatment

Parents/Guardians can follow the educational and treatment progress of their child on a daily basis by accessing JRC’s Parent/Agency website, where the charts for the students’ behaviors are posted and updated daily, and where other treatment and education documents for their child can be found.


Parent/Guardian training

A critical component of successful treatment for all JRC students is the assistance and collaboration of parents/guardians and family members.

JRC offers a training program for parents/guardians/siblings in the principles underlying behavior modification treatment at JRC. This training program provides family members with the tools necessary for maximizing students’ treatment progress, and for increasing students’ ability to maintain progress during home visits, and following transition/discharge from JRC.

This parent/guardian training initiative provides family members with a comprehensive understanding of the rationale and methods of behavior modification, and will assist family members in developing the skills to assist in creating progress for students. Collaboration from family is indeed crucial to the behavioral, academic, social and vocational success of any student.

Video communications

JRC helps students maintain long-distance communication with their parents/guardians, via telephone calls and video chats. Students have access to Skype at the school and parents/guardians have the opportunity to see their children as they speak with them.