JRC has an open admissions policy throughout the year. Any person or agency may refer applicants. Students are funded by public school districts and various state agencies.

Referrals may be directed to Karen LaChance and Julie Gomes

For immediate information on admissions and referrals, please call our Admissions Hotline


Near-zero rejection/

JRC does not normally reject or expel students due to the severity of their behavior problems. Students who have failed or made minimal progress in their previous programs often succeed for the first time at JRC due to JRC’s highly structured behavior modification education and treatment program.

Serves students
with varied

JRC offers a highly individualized treatment program that is able to serve students with a wide variety of behavior problems, including both students who function at normal cognitive levels and those with intellectual disabilities. Each level has its own classrooms, residences, and activities.

Advocacy assistance to
gain admission

JRC provides guidance and advocacy assistance to parents wishing to gain admission for their children. In appropriate cases this can include assistance with educational appeals.

Ages served

JRC is licensed to serve individuals ages 5 through adult. Although most of JRC’s students are children and teenagers, JRC also has an active adult services program, with its own classrooms, work activities centers and residences.