JRC students live in community homes or apartments, rather than in dormitories.

The residences are located in various communities within driving distance of JRC’s main campus in Canton, MA.

Unusually attractive residences

JRC decorates the students’ residences with colorful, attractive furnishings that are non- institutional. Every residence is decorated differently and staff members check daily to see that each is maintained in excellent cond- ition.

Staff-secure residential treatment facility for higher functioning students who have conduct, behavior, psychiatric, or autism issues.

High staff-to-student ratios and state-of-the-art security systems minimize the possibility of elopements. Motion detectors and window- and door-opening-detectors are employed to signal if windows or doors are opened by students without authorization.

State-of-the-art, in-residence, digital video recording/monitoring systems insure safety, proper performance by staff and peace of mind for parents/guardians.

All residences have their own in-residence digital video recording system that records 24/7 and enables in-house monitoring. The person who does this monitoring is an experienced supervisor who is in charge of the residence during the evening and overnight period.

Behavior-determined residential ladder

As students’ behaviors improve, they advance to living in residences with fewer staff and students, and with more independence and privileges.

Awake overnight staff

Each residence is staffed with at least one awake staff member during the overnight hours and some residences have more, depending on the size of the residence and the behaviors of the students living there. This helps to insure continuity of treatment, enhance safety and prevent runaways by students. The awake overnight staff are monitored by the Central Monitoring Station at our 250 Turnpike building. From there, experienced supervisory staff monitor and supervise all staff members at the residences, in real time and throughout the night, using the Internet and digital video monitoring/recording equipment.

Exercise and recreational facilities

Exercise and recreational facilities at the residences include: swimming pools; recreation rooms with amusement games; picnic tables and areas; barbecue grilles; swings; basketball backboards; and more.