Karen LaChance

“We look out for our students and clients, for their well-being and their parents can trust us to take care of them,” says Karen LaChance, who has been working as a valued staff member at JRC for nearly 40 years. LaChance gets emotional when discussing JRC’s mission and her role as Director of Admissions and Marketing.

“Our waiting list speaks for itself,” she adds. “If you get to come to JRC, you’re going to get the best treatment you can for your child without medication, without drugs.”

LaChance stresses that despite dealing with the most difficult cases, it is JRC’s mission to ensure that students and adults enrolled at the center have the best quality of life.

Referrals come in so fast that the admissions department has trouble keeping up with them. When it comes to marketing at JRC, LaChance says the parents’ advocacy and story sharing are what makes the center stand out and what gets their dedicated, hard work recognized by facilities and organizations around the country.

LaChance says that parents have continuously stressed that JRC has saved the life of their loved ones. Opposed to turning away any case, the center is determined to do whatever it takes to make improvements in the lives of both the kids and adultss.

In addition to weening kids and adults off of medications, the center makes efforts to provide them with a “normal” life, such as taking them on field trips and outings. Many clients who are old enough to work have a job at the center or even in public places including Target and the Dollar Tree.

While working at JRC comes with its challenges, LaChance reflects on the rewards, “you know you’re making a difference in somebody’s life and you’re helping somebody.”