• I’m happy I’m at JRC
  • The staff help me a lot. They are polite and caring, supportive and helpful
  • By being at JRC it helped me grow a lot
  • Sometimes I still get angry but I am working on that
  • I can’t wait to go home and be with my family again, JRC is helping me be able to do that


  • I work in 2 different departments at JRC. I am earning money and a skill.
  • Even when you come in during a rough time keep pushing forward and you will get success


  • I wasn’t going to school. I would leave home and do what I wanted.
  • I have been at JRC for almost 2 yrs. now and I have learned responsibility, how to control myself, follow rules.
  • I currently work at the front desk answering the phone, transferring calls, assisting staff and visitors alike.
  • I am doing GREAT and when I leave I want to join the Military.